Thursday, 29 January 2009

Let there be light.

I asked Robert what he wanted for Christmas and he said Miffy. So one night when he was out playing chess, I made him Miffy. It cost me zero, one old orange ceramic discarded lamp stand filled with nuts and bolts to weigh it down. Some discarded wrapping tissue paper. One discarded cane blind. Years of making lanterns at festivals and bamboo training from a bamboo master. If you do make a lampshade your self do it at your own risk. Make sure the top of the shade has a big hole in it, to let out hot air.
If you would like me to show you how to make a lampshade or festival lanterns, just get in contact.
If you need to make your Christmas not cost anything at all for presents. I can show you how to make any bit of rubbish into a family members dream come true.
If you got a festival or group of friends or club just get in contact.
One persons rubbish is another community's festival,l if reused in the right ways.


Leon said...

I want a miffy now.

Eloise said...

You can have a Miffy, if your a good boy and organise a lantern making workshop at a festival in Hackney for Aunty Eloise.