Monday, 4 August 2008

Candy Floss

Aunty Alex with Candy Floss
I got a surprise visit from my auntie Alex and uncle Gray this weekend at my studio/home. Alex is my favourite auntie. She has encouraged and supported me in education ever since I was 12. At that age I was unable to read and write and thought my only career prospect would be the soap factory (career advisers at school actually told all kids that there simply weren’t any other jobs available).

Cut a long story short, I worked hard, got the grades to get me into art college and then spent my summers filling up the house of Alex with the art that I was making at college.

Auntie encouraged me this year to do a teaching in the 'lifelong learning sector' course. I've been teaching for years (and with great successful) but now everyone in the UK needs a 'licence to teach'. The course basically told me to do even more paperwork than I was already doing.

Anyway, Alex stayed for coffee and bought my Candy Floss painting. The painting is the only painting in the world of Candy Floss that I know about; a rare and exciting painting and an excellent choice!

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