Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Jolly swimmers in the sea

This weekend I have been painting a picture for my old friends of the Java Vegetarian Restaurant in Bradford, where I worked and lived with in the early nineties. My friends now live in Denmark and commissioned me to do a painting of them swimming the sea.

The weather was so good this weekend I wished I was swimming in the sea myself, but as it goes I have not been for a swim in the sea since 2002. I had a major ear operation that year and can no longer swim in the sea, as the deal is that I am not to get anything in my ears. Swimming in the sea is memories now, as is diving through big waves in Oz and scuba diving on the Barrier Reef and bobbing around at Sidestrand. Very hard for a watery person!

I will put the painting on the blog when it’s finished!

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