Sunday, 24 August 2008

New design of Flying Chair

Flying Chair by Eloise O'Hare
Me sitting on the chair ready for take off.

Flying Chair by Eloise O'Hare
Chair before I painted it bright swirly colours.

Flying Chair by Eloise O'Hare

After reupholstering the old director’s chair I decided to make a chair for myself. I needed a chair the right height for my workbench, to stop me from having backache.

I had been looking out for the right chair for a while, but couldn’t find one high enough. From some left-over wood and other bits and pieces I made this Flying Chair.

I built it like it was sculpture; it grew bigger and bigger as I went along. I knew I was on to the right path because I kept finding the right pieces of wood for whatever I wanted to add to the chair.

The chair has six little wheels and the back has wing nuts, so it moves when I move in the chair. It feels very grand to sit in it. Its armrests are like small tables and the wheels make it feel like a giant skate board. You can actually use it as a skate board, although you have to aware of the health and safety risks – when I took a run and jumped on it I nearly went through the window!

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