Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Jan Mitchell

On the photo my Godmother Jan Mitchell is sitting outside the canteen of the RTE Irish TV studios, probably enjoying her homemade biscuits. I have fond memories of her homemade biscuits. They used to hang from her Christmas tree, along with tiny little fairies hidden in walnuts and her home made pavalova. That word, pavalova, started me practicing an Australian accent from early age – I wanted to pronounce it exactly how she would say it, with a loud Australian accent.

Jan was my inspiration in so many ways. She gave me my first cooking set - and they weren’t your usual toys that don’t actually work. A real rolling pin, a real sieve, a real bowl. I started cooking like mad and made all sorts of cakes and sweats. By the age of four I knew how to make a cheese sauce! Years later I became a vegetarian cook in various cafes and restaurants, which supported me all the way through college and later helped me survive being an artist.

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