Monday, 25 August 2008

The Surf Chair

Surf Chair by Eloise O'Hare
Side view of the surf chair I design, made and painted.

Surf Chair by Eloise O'Hare
Front on view of my surf board chair with big arm rests and the back is chenille and cushioned.

Surf Chair by Eloise O'Hare

The Flying Chair has now been painted and upholstered. I stayed up all night to paint it in one go, so it would stay in the same style.

I spent quite a bit of time deciding on the fabric for the back, going from psychedelic swirls to pink to gold to silver to red PVC, but then found that the cover of my old sofa matched best. So I sacrificed it cut it up.

Using some left-overs from making Punch and Judy puppets I finished the edges with gold braid, giving the chair an arty princess look.

Today my arm is hanging off me and I feel completely crippled by putting so much energy into making it, but I am already enjoying the comfort of the chair. I can now type this blog with the laptop sitting on one of the arm rests!

I’ve also discovered that the chair is great for indoor surfing, although I do need a bigger space to really get going. But from now on I’ll call the chair the Surf Chair.

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