Monday, 18 August 2008

Snuff puppets, Sewing monster

Eloise O'Hare in the Snuff Puppets sweat shopThis is me working in the Snuff Puppets sweat (old drill hall) shop in Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. (Photo taken by Andrew Gorden) The sewing machine, I’m working on, was an industrial overlocker with needles like dragons nails. I spent a lot of time with the monster, making mountains, for a scene in a show based on a Hieronymus Bosch painting. The show was held on enormous barges on a river, with the audience on the banks looking down and across - thousands turned out for the spectacle.

The Snuff Puppets are my favourite theatre company. When I first saw them in Sydney, Australia at the Belvoir street theatre. I thought I was seeing a mirror image of my own work. Seven years after seeing my first Snuff puppets show I finally got to work with the theatrical puppet company, I greatly enjoyed my time there. They’re still around the world and their shows are still mind-bogglingly brilliant.

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