Sunday, 17 August 2008

Who wants to be a Milliner!

Eloise O'Hare in 'Who Wants to be a Milliner

I went back to City College in Norwich again recently. Years ago it was the first college I ever went to. It was quite an experience back then; leaving home and the country I grew up in.

The college itself has not changed much in twenty years time - I still could not find my way around! The main change seems to be that the canteen now has coffee made by machines and that it no longer has that nice smoky and creative atmosphere.

The reason for going back to College was to do a ‘teaching in the life long learning sector’ course. I already teach a range of adults (my oldest pupil ever was 97.97 years old), but by doing this course is I can say that I’m certified to teach anyone of any age and ability.

The Mad Hat in the photo was designed by my friend Kath Ellis. We use to do hat-making workshops together. For my course I did a ‘micro-teach’ hat making workshop with the students in my class. They had to make a hat symbolising what they wanted to teach. They did a marvelous job and made some fantastic hats.

And, now that I’m nearly certified, do contact me if you would like to book ‘Who wants to be a Milliner!’ for festivals or parties. It’s great fun!

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