Sunday, 10 August 2008

Famous for knitting an alien

I was an extra (‘supporting actor’) the other day for a not-to-be-named-but-famous TV series set in Norfolk. I’ve done extra work many times before, but this time I added a little something to it by wearing one of my self-invented, strange and wacky outfits.

I had spent 24 hours making it, excluding a fair amount of research. I didn’t want to get lost in a crowd scene or be put on the cutting room floor. And it worked, it was the best day out I’ve had all year.

At first I was placed in a scene far away from the cameras, next to one of my acting buddies and wearing the very dumbed down outfit my agent had told me to wear. The real thing was hidden in my bag. To gain confidence I asked my buddy, in my best Norfolk accent: “What ya reckon, should I put it on? He said “Go for it girl!” and so I pulled it out of my bag, put it on and sat there in the background of the scene.

It didn’t take long before members of the crew started approaching me. They wanted to know where I got it from, if I had any previous training. Although I’m not a trained costume maker, I have worked for years designing and making costumes for shows and festivals, including the Sydney Mardi Gras. And so I was offered a job and got into a scene with the stars.

Will show some photos after it has been on telly… it is a real gem!

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