Monday, 11 August 2008

RTE Jim O'Hare

Jim O'Hare (far right) at RTE

Photo: Studio 2, 1974, RTE (Irish Television)
Guess who is sitting at the end of studio 2… it’s Jim O'Hare, me Da.

The photo I lifted off the RTE retirement web page. I hope they don’t mind, but it was the only photo I could find of Jim working.

The RTE studios, old and smelly as they are, hold many happy memories for me. I hung out there from the day I was born and mucked around with just about everyone working there. I spent a lot of time typing on Carmals knee, which has greatly benefited me, as I love typing.

1974 was the year me and my friends went on the Wanderly wagon Christmas Show. I remember getting very nervous about it, I didn’t want to be picked out of the crowd by Mr Judge the Puppet.

The Art Department was always active night and day, with people making models, 3-d papier-mâché maps and lots of drawing boards. There was one very special person there. I could hear from a distance, laughing and debating design ideas with who turned out to be her husband. As I got closer to where she worked I could see a large pair of scissors, coloured card and a bun of red hair poking out of the top of her madly cut out costume. Then, entering the space there was a roar of affection for me. That was my Godmother, the late Jan Mitchell.

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