Friday, 29 August 2008

Rosie and Ian's Unlit Party!

Last Friday I was Rosie and Ian's place for an Unlit Party. Their house was completely transformed and packed with people.

I was wearing my new pocket skirt for the first time. It holds all my art materials (well, apart from an A3 sketch book), which is great if you’re in to drawing bands.

Unfortunately someone was sitting on my skirt when the first band started playing (two girls playing guitar and singing), but after that I was on a roll. The next band was The Galleons, a three piece band (singer / guitarist, keyboard and cello).

I started drawing the pianist and then followed over to the singer / guitarist and then tried to get in as much of Rosie and Ian's house interior in, including their collection of (fake) deer heads. From where I sat I could not see the cellist (Charlotte), but I drew her in afterwards, over the top of the door.

For the next week I will be adding more drawings of the unlit party – watch this space.

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