Saturday, 23 August 2008

Designer Paint palette bag

Paint palette bag by Eloise O'Hare
Sunglasses pocket disguised as blob of paint.

Paint palette bag by Eloise O'Hare
Blobs of paint pockets on the pallet bag.

Paint palette bag by Eloise O'Hare

I designed this bag to suit my scatty mind. It has about a million pockets, so I no longer have to dig deep for things in my bag.

Each pocket has a different size to fit whatever it is supposed to hold. I got a separate pocket for my sunglasses, for instance. I works great; my sunglasses last much longer now they have their own home. The bag even has a large pocket to fit a big sketch book, coat or my veggie shopping.

It’s all made with leather so it will last and be biodegradable. Initially I wanted each paint blob to have a different colour, but while mixing paint I ended up with a mixed up paint look over all the pockets.

I still have to make the strap into a big paint brush (I wanted to finish the bag in a hurry so I made a simple strap).

Going through customs with this bag is great fun; they get very confused by so many pockets. And they never find my tampon pocket.

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