Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Sock Puppet artists

Pandora makes curiosity boxes.

Pam makes sculptures of horses.

Paulo designs stamps and buttons.

Peaches the potter likes working in clay.

So far this week I’ve been madly making sock puppets. They’re mainly meant to be presents for newborns of friends, as there seems to be more and more of them.
They make a really nice present, if I can say so myself. Children can muck around with them for hours and because they do take a little time to master, it also prepares them for a career as Master Puppeteer. Sock puppets are also something that children can actually make themselves. The design is simple enough. And for those needing a bit of a challenge, you can make them more interesting by adding all sorts of accessories. The first sock puppet I made, for my friend Emma’s birthday, went completely over the top and had a dress, earrings, eye lashes and embroidered eye brows.

They are also for sale! In fact, they seem to be populair; I sold one almost immediately to a teenager (is the puppet going to be taken to a rave?) when I did my last Art on the Railings in Norwich.

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