Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Annabel lines the puppet

"Annabel Lines", one of the best performers on the planet. This puppet has working hula hoops, just like in one of Annabel's incredible performances she can hula more hoops then anyone in the world and has toured the world doing so. I caught up with her as she was hooping on stage with Rock star "Peaches" in London, it was wild.

Annabel was the lead in my Can can show in Sydney and she can Can can with high platform heals.
She also got me back to fitness and health after I had a major operation and got very tubby. She came to Norfolk and speed walked me across fields and through woods. The Annabel puppet starred in my Puppet idol show hooping the hoola.
The first show I ever saw Annabel in, was in Sydney's finest theatres performing with Marty Jay and Boogle woogle, she is definitely the hottest, funniest shiela on stage. Far funnier then Jack Tattie and if I had a million bucks I would make a movie with her staring in it.
I caught her on You tube here doing comedy 

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