Thursday, 20 November 2008

Washable hand made Sanity Bag and Sanity Towels

This something I have been meaning to make for years. I have made 16 sanity towels and a bag.
The bag is used to store them till the end of period then you cold wash then hot wash with the towels in the bag.

I have used an assortment of different weights of cotton fabrics to stay cool.

This is cotton t-shirt fabric with a terry towel piece discreetly sew into the sanity towel. I found flannel fabric to hot but could be used in cold country's.

Using buttons to fasten into knickers ans a pocket to put extra insert terry towel pads for nights.

Sanity Towels is such a sane idea. VAT and taxes on paper disposable sanitary towels and tampons that are wrapped in plastic and don't decompose with the dump being one of our worlds biggest problems. It makes sense to use washable towels. Women are now going back to washing babies nappy's so we might as well go back to washing sanitary towels.
My Sanity Towel designs are the most modern and stylish on the planet. Well I think they are I have never seen any other washable sanitary products, apart from in old films where they looked like a real hassle with no design at all.
My sanity towels are hand made and cost £20 each with postage on top.
The bag costs £10 plus postage and packaging.
£280 for Sanity bag and 16 Sanity towels and free postage.
Leave a message in comments box it you would like to buy my sanity towels.

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