Saturday, 8 November 2008

Brothers of the head puppets

My first Siamese twin puppets, made of the actors that starred in Brothers of the head movie that was originally a book written by Brian Aldiss in Norfolk in the 70's. The film was made in Norfolk and I got a part in it playing myself back in 1974. I made the puppets while sitting on the bus waiting to be called for the set. I used tissue paper instead of paper mache. I took the finished puppets up to London to the screening at Leister square. I had ideas of doing a puppet version of the book. I made some good friends that were also staring in the film and we are just about to launch are own mini film company.

This rare siamese twin puppet is for sale to pay for my first comedy feature film. Eight million pounds and a percentage would go towards building a series of art schools in Africa.

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Bradley James said...

Thank you. i love that bloody film and its good that other people have seen it too. yay!