Monday, 3 November 2008

Auntie Christina Anderson puppet photo

Christina Anderson is a famous artist photographer based in Norfolk and has a wonderful fascination for my puppets. I started making them in at the end of 2002 and got very carried away I made them of all my friends, over a hundred of them but a lot of them I have not got round to making the costumes for them to wear. Christina likes them without the costumes and takes photos of them. You may recognised yourself in one of the photo, its been so long since I made them I cant tell who everyone is apart from a few there is Kerry in the third box at the top. Demanda in the first box. Hue Coffey on the 2nd row. This photo was in an exhibition at Norwich arts centre on St. Benedict's in Norwich. 

Christina's work is for sale if you would like to buy a print.

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