Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pink Fluffy hat

This pink fluffy "Candy floss" hat was made for my friend Fizz. She saw me in my candy floss hat and wanted one for her sister. Fizz is on the right of the picture. Fizz has got back to me to tell me, her sister loves the hat and not only is it cosy in winter, the hat has been taken to a festival in summer and soaked in water so the hat keeps you cool in the summer.
I originally made one for my granny, when I heard from a hairdresser how much pensioners pay to have there hair done. They mainly have there hair done because when your old you have trouble lifting your arms to wash hair. So there maybe occasions when there is no time to go to hairdresser or no cash available the best answer is a instant pink rinse hat.
Granny had a great time at church in her hat and it kept her head warm in the big cold stone building, as well as gaining attention from people.
I found putting yellow fluffy chicks in the hat at Easter turns it into an Easter bonnet.

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