Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Wave One painting

Wave painting done with wax, an experimental period when I was trying to put together memories of the Australian big waves that I use to dive through, they come in sets of six waves so when you have got through one you have five more to battle with, useful to know so you can gasp for air between them. I have painted six so you can gasp in aw at them. They now hang in my bathroom so I can lie in the bath and stair at them and come up with other images that can be seen in the paintings. Robert sees   different images to me, when he stares at the picture.

If I sell one in the series might as well sell the other. This amazing painting I would sell for Ten million pounds and all the proceeds would go to the restoration and up keep of the Chauncy Maples Hospital ship on Lake Malawi in Africa.

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