Saturday, 15 November 2008

Jim O'Hare Puppet

Jim O'Hare puppet another of the family portrait puppets that starred in my first unscripted show. Jim is a retired set designer and mostly spends his retirement on the phone to old friends, but has recently got a job showing people around Felbrigg hall. He designed the famous Wanderly wagon kids show, the Late late show, Murphy's micro quizzum, Halls pictorial weekly, the Billy Boyle show, Heart beat, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Emedale farm and many more I cant remember the names of. Bugsy Malone was my favourite film and I really wanted one of those peddle cars as a kid and could do with one now.
Jim took up extra work with my mother and stood in for Peter Ustinov as a king in a film made in Dublin. Being an extra is part and parcel of working television the list is endless of parts in films he has been in. If you watched father Ted the drunk priest Fr. Jack Hackett is based on Jim's character. Since Jim watched Father Ted he has given up the drink.

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