Sunday, 9 November 2008

Boomy puppet

Boomy puppet I made with his dungaree's that have tyre track marks across them. Boomy came to visit me a few times from Australia he was cycling all over the world and wears the dungarees as a protest at cars they have tyre tracks across them quite hard to reproduce on a puppet. He is very tall and also wears a motor cycle crash helmet when riding a bicycle and sometimes at party's that have low roofs. He is also a costume maker his costumes are out of necessity because he is so tall. We went to Barcelona together to catch up with his Spanish friend Nelson, it was great fun we went clubbing and went to stay in Nelson's parents cave and picked olives at the weekend, we dressed up wacky, to pick the olives and played music Like a mini rave, the local farmers were very amused. Boomy was in the arts gang in Sydney and we use to perform together. At the Barcelona markets we found real handmade clown shoes that fitted all sized feet with two sets of laces. I told him he should buy them because it is very rare to find shoes his size but the great thing about them is we could both wear them. I have made a miniature pair of them on his puppet. I still have to colour his hair, he is half kerry man and half Pacific islander a great cross. We discussed having children but my hips are not wide enough to give birth to a big Boomy. Boomy now runs his own very grand restaurant in Sydney called Fab. It would be great to hang out again and have a laugh. Boomy's claim to fame is he nearly got run over by Princess Diana, when he was standing in front of the gates at Buckingham palace as a tourist and she was in a hurry to get in to the palace. He turned around to see who had bumped the back of his legs and it was the Princess herself. No wonder she got a herself a driver. Cars are killers and kill the famous too, as for poor Gaudi the artist in Barcelona got run over by a bus while admiring his wonderful work the most amazing cathedral in the world. Boomy and I prayed for Diana in the chapel in the basement of Gaudi's cathedral.

This blog post was written many years before my dearly loved friend Boomy past away unexpectedly in 2010.

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