Saturday, 22 November 2008

Toni Geiling and Trevor Brown

The these photos were borrowed from Toni Geilings website.
I first encountered Toni playing outside Badde Manors in Sydney, his music reminded me of something. He was just casually playing not busking or performing for anyone. I invited him in for a coffee and to play in the cafe he suited the cafe, clientele and interior. He came over to where I was living at the time in a big warehouse round the corner and I introduced him to Trevor Brown who was living there too, Trevor played all the time to and had lots of great bands. Instantly there was a band. Guy Freer joined them and Toni stayed at Guys place. The band played all over Sydney. Toni had a no smoking ban on his gigs which was unheard of in those days, I thought it was very conscientious for a young talented performer who wanted to protect his voice and life. One of the places was an old church. Toni had filled it with guests. Toni had great stage presence and told funny story's between songs.
I drew the band on the floor of every gig in Sydney at the time. This time it was on wooden cut out shapes of instruments that were originally drawings of instruments.
I was frantic and manic drawing with melting oil pastels in the Ozzie heat, with sweat running in every direction. My face and parts of my body usually had smears of pastels. I did it because I wanted to capture a scene, the moment, the atmosphere and create something that is apart of it, to be in it and looking at it from an out sider view.
All the pictures of all the shows were sold or given away to people who were there in that time.
Toni had played in Ballyferrieta near Dingle before coming to Oz, that was where I spent my holidays as a small child in an old cottage with no running water but wild countryside. That why some of his music sounded familiar to me.
After a few years of playing in OZ he went back to Germany where he now performs and produces albums. Have a look at his website.

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