Monday, 24 November 2008

Flat Backed turtle

This flat backed turtle was a little happy creative papermache accident. It rocks so it looks like it is walking and can carry things on its back. The turtle was on exhibition at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital and art on the railings at Peter Mancroft church.
Best to try and stop using plastic bags as turtles think there jelly fish and eat them and die. Ireland stopped using plastic bags over night, but the rest of the world is a very slow and behind the times of caring for the environment so it looks pretty.
To make plastic bags, tin foil, cling film, takes lots of water, oil and energy. The other side to this is have you every tried picking, cling film, foil wrappers out of compost after it has decomposed, not a nice job, these are the things that accidentally end up in compost if you use them in the kitchen.

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