Saturday, 1 November 2008

Vera and Peter Wedding Puppets

Kilcolgan Castle is located on the banks of the Kilcolgan river overlooking Galway Bay, this is where my friend Vera and Peter got married a few years ago, it was a very romantic setting. I made wedding puppets for Vera and Peter to take on there voyage sailing round the world, so they could sort out newly wed, disputes using the puppets. I also made my pink fluffy outfit for the occasion at my friend Rebecca's house in Leitrim for myself. The bride looked lovely in her dress which was a rare occasion as she is normally rock climbing or out at sea. They now live in the area of the Castle and plan to build an Eco house one day. They have had a baby girl which I plan to meet one day and make a puppet for her. I cooked breakfast in the morning for the guests which was quite an effort after a night of drinking whisky and wine.

In today's world must people live single for a number of years, then they move in with either partner then have double the amount of house hold goods, so there is little point in buying more. Commission me to make puppets of your friends who are going to get married.

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