Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Art in a can

Art in a can concept I thought up after saving up lots of coffee tins with lids. The paintings I made to fit the cans. I painted randomly what ever is around at the time or came into my head. This is the box for the can to be packaged.
This is the can the painting goes in its signed on the can and the painting is signed too.

A painting done at my kitchen table of fruit from the fruit bowl with the real stickers that are stuck on.

A painting of the art in a can, that goes in the can.
All the cans are not labeled with whats in side but I will put on my blog over the next few days some of the paintings I have done for the cans. The cans can be put on a shelve in any shop or gallery or stacked. I plan to do art workshop in a can and every time I get a collection of cans to do a new series of art work such as little sculptures that go in the can or even ideas and concept in a can.
I think I might even do art in a can workshops. These days art is related to spray cans with the popularity of spray can art. Personally I find spray can art disturbing, when I ride through the underpass's in Norwich there is always kids spraying the walls with the spray cans and I cover my face so I don't inhale the smell or fine particles of paint. None of the kids are wearing masks.
Why not get a bucket of old household paint and mix some colours and take that out to paint the underpass or go to Italy and learn the art of fresco painting or mosaic the walls with broken china.

The cans stacked up this series is blue green cans. The paintings can be taken out and framed.
They make great Christmas presents to, if you would like to buy an art in can let me know. Its local, green and inspiring and will increase in value forever.

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