Sunday, 7 December 2008

Bunny killer photo

Another photo from the eighty's of a car window completely filled with Bunny's very popular then to obscure your view while driving with objects in the back window. Another reason why I like riding my bike is because I have full surround vision. Car drivers think that my vision is the same as them. Little do they know.

I find cars very esthetically unpleasing to look at they are chunky and ugly the people who own this car wanted to make there car look cute.

When I was a kid if I traveled in a car for over a certain amount of miles I would be sick, is this a sign of carbon monoxide poisoning or fear of dying in a car accident.

A brilliant play I went to see in Sydney it was called Carmageddon and also the name of an anti car movement. They reenacted car journeys and blinking can cause a car accident.

They also informed us of the petroleum that is in drinks like alcopops and other drinks. When I look at hand creams they have petroleum in them why on earth do chemical scientists think it would be a good idea to rub petrol into our skin, surely we get enough from petrol fumes.

I am really against the new A11 road expansion, they say people have accidents because they come off a duel carriageway onto a single road, if there was a duel carriageway into town then all the pile ups would be in the city centre. Surely we need cycle lanes in the city centre more then a bigger road. Petrol is running out so why buy a car in the first place.

Other things I dislike about cars is there alarms, they go off all night on my road, why not buy a steering lock instead and leave valuables at home. If you want to loose weight loose your car and television two things that made the people bigger. Also the reason there is so many car programmes on TV. and programmes with new cars in is because the car company's give them to the T.V. station and film company's to promote there cars.

If the Government can spend nearly a billion pounds a year on the stupid black hole theory, which majority of the population is not interested in, then why cant they spend a billion pounds on free non polluting car inventing. The bike, helicopter etc was invented by an artist, give me the money and I will spend it on building my car that I invented that runs on air. Give the money to productive artists they trained to think not programmed to think in one way, which all University students are programmed to do, so that they end up working in already established businesses.

I have found this page written by an American

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