Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Norwich Arts Centre Hospital Theatre Christmas Party part 2

The Band arrive on stage, Emma Jarvis in her Grease the film style all in one cat suit and little high heals. Her first number was a cover of Amy Whitehouse to get everyone in the party mood.
I gave my camera to Robert as I had the urge to start drawing.

Emma Jarvis drawn on A3 paper with with an 3b pencil drawn in the three minutes to the length of the song. Emma Jarvis is also the hospital Arts coordinator for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. She is also a very good singer song writer and she teamed up with a group of hospital staff and formed a band. The band played for the first time last year and was a huge success, this year they practiced lots of new songs.

Emma Jarvis with Paul Chapman the very good drummer. I start to attract a little crowd watching me draw. A little boy watched me sketch the band all the time. I did offer if he wanted to do some drawing too but he was more interested in watching me draw.
The dog is the back round projection behind the band.

Mr Spax (David Spackman) and Emma Jarvis, the arms in this one went wonky.

Mr.Spax (David Spackman) on guitar drawn better, on request of his son, who was watching me draw in the audience.
More special Christmas day, drawings tomorrow.

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