Saturday, 27 December 2008

Flirtation Chair

My latest furniture design, a soft sculptural stool. The stool has large arm rests, a moving backrest, fold up foot rest and two shelves to hold kitchen equipment and four wheels.
The stool is high enough to reach my guitar bar.
I have painted it a pale blue but will still paint a pattern on the blue. The stools backrest is upholstered with white satin fabric in the shape of an upper torso of a lady with two moving stuffed arms. The seat is the door off my old wardrobe which has a dark veneer on it. The seat cushion is two naked legs with feet and a pink merkin.
I was in a design dilemma as to design a fold up stool or a stool that is there all the time, being in such a tiny flat I thought more shelve space the better, then the flat becomes a ship.
My bread maker fits perfectly on the bottom shelve.

The chair is headless but when you sit in there chair it automatically has a head.

The first impression sitting in the chair was how cosy it is, I wrapped the arms around myself and sat there for ages.

the legs also fold and are washable I just used ribbon ties at the hips to attach to the chair.

I made pink P.V.C. nails to go on the chair but decided not to put them on.
The first strange chair I made was a two seater chair covered with arms I called it a cuddle chair.
Then I had a set of Australian deckchairs which are a different design to UK deck chairs, I made covers for them and one of them was called the hairy chair because I sewed Miguel's hair into the chair cover.
Then I made a complete naked couple as car seat covers the arms of the seat cover made the seat belt more comfortable, unfortunately the car got impounded for unpaid loud music at party fines.
I plan to make a male version of the flirtation chair with very hairy legs.

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