Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tree painting

A painting of junk mail and how I see it as trees coming through the door. It is much more then trees, it is a symbol of the mess the world is in. It advertises greedy businesses, who think of money before the planet and people. The trees that are chopped down for the paper pulp are where people, animals other plants, insects live to keep the planet in balance. In the rain forest there is millions of unidentified insects per square metre. These are part of the Eco system that makes the planet live. The people who have lived in the forests for thousands of years rely on the forest for food and shelter and the forest relies on them to look after it. The people in the forests get it stolen from underneath them by sneaky paper businesses. There are alternatives to tree paper that can be made out of other materials like elephant poo or sheep poo or just grass. Businesses should be rewarded for being paperless and should get tax reductions for using recycled or alternative paper or coming up with alternative Eco marketing solutions.
This is the time in history where the world is going to follow the Green new deal which was is an idea of the Green party to create green businesses on a world wide scale. I believe this could happen, there are so many people now on the planet that people power is more important then robots and going to the moon. If I got everybody in the UK to pick a piece of a mountain in the UK and put the piece up the road the mountain can be moved. If the government used its head and had a direct solution for the people things could change in the right direction. As far as I can see there is no leaders on the planet with big picture vision. They just rehash old ideas that never worked.
Personally I have been a hippy on this planet since I was born, recycling as a child was normal creating something from an cardboard box or turning a t-chest into a double bass, natural dyes from plants, buying second hand clothes, weaving, community spirit. Being a vegetarian, the list is endless. The whole lifestyle has been undervalued and laughed at as something crazy. All it is, is questioning something that is annoying and changing it for the better. e.g. Junk mail is annoying, everyone must find it annoying how can I stop it. Now this is figured out may as well tell everyone how to stop it. Ask Robert at

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