Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Norwich Arts Centre Hospital theatres Christmas party

In the bar at the Arts centre on Saint Bendick's in Norwich. Met up with the groupies Tim, Robert, Mick and Ray. The bar has real ales in a barrel and a good range of non alcoholic drinks, I stuck to the ginger beer as I had been running around all day.
The bell went in the bar for us to go in and see the band. We stood by the church pillar on the right. The stage is covered in instruments and glitter.

The kiss projection on the wall of the arts centre. Showing a Carry on Comedy film. It had to be the hospital one. I remember watching it as a child and the laughing gas scene always stuck in my mind.

Mike and Ray sitting below the film projection in the bar.
More of the Hospital theatres Christmas party over the next few Christmasy days. Made into a 4 part series. Mainly because I completely forgot the names of the 2nd band on that night. Please do leave a comment if you know all the names of the band members.

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