Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Steam train photo

A spontaneous photo of a steam train I spotted going threw Yorkshire in the 80's , but it could be anytime from the look of the photo. I love steam trains the sound, the steam that travels behind the train as it goes along. The hot and bothered dirty train drivers. There is something about the mechanics of an old train which is a joy for them to fix unlike the new electrics which isn't a joy to fix. They have class, character an elegance. Robert and I took a train to Italy and back which was far more exciting then catching a plane and waiting at airports and trying to connect everything up. There are journey planners for train lovers to go anywhere in the world on the Internet. France to Italy had an overnight sleeper I think they have stopped it due to lack of use. I also miss the old trains that had the train conductors carriage it was big enough to hold 40 bikes and luggage and prams and post. I got caught between Ely and Norwich when they completely took out a place for bikes and I had my bike and noway of getting back to Norwich. I got very upset with the station master and he nearly tried to kill me luckily there was a nice train driver who saved me and drove an old train back to Norwich solely for me and my bike.
They have since put back space for two bikes, but you can squeeze four in it. In the summer people like riding around Norfolk and catching trains with the bikes maybe adding a special bike carriage on would be a good idea.

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