Thursday, 4 December 2008

Painting of Trevor Brown

This is one of my spontaneous paintings I did of Trevor Brown on Saxophone at a gig somewhere in Sydney during my must productive creative periods. I painted and drew Trevor a lot mainly because he was in a lot of bands and because he lived in the same warehouse as me and I could find out in advance where the gigs were. Also I liked his music a lot. I got more cheeky as time went on and brought my paints and sometimes oil paints to gigs in bars and nightclubs, sometimes setting up my easel in the middle of the dance floor. Or putting scrap pieces of wood on the ground in front of the band and painting on them. Being a bell ringer meant I could not take with me a church tower to gigs to jam with bands and being not very good at dancing, this was my only way of joining in. I thought it added to the creative spirit of the arts scene and was a way of promoting the bands through my pictures, like we were all in it together but one day one very grumpy musician said I stole the show and spot lights were put on me and not the band that was playing, so I stopped going to gigs, drawing bands and became very depressed. Looking back I should have flicked some paint at the kill joy and just continued on doing what I do best. In fact I personally have no work from this time as they were all sold of given away. The last ones that I did have sold at an amazing auction a few days before I left OZ to pay of my bills.
Please do send me a photo of any paintings drawings you might have from this period, A. so I know who has which paintings and B. so I can record them in history.

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