Thursday, 11 December 2008

Cambridge 2 Photo

A pre-computer photo taken of Cambridge, those were the days when spending a little extra time in the dark room gave me time to muck around with the photos. I asked Yarmouth college if they could stay open late so I could work late, as I could not afford basics like heating at home. I thought other students might join me but I was the only one interested did make me wonder why the student's were there at all surely its a privilege to get into art school in the first place. I still cant afford to have the facilities that they had at college like a darkroom and etching press, ban saw, clay kiln. Still in my mind of one day I will have a studio with those things, even the computer I use now is borrowed. Someone had a stupid idea of shutting Yarmouth art school down it was a brilliant place an old hospital with big windows the bright sea light, fresh air, great facility's, great teachers and brilliant train ride out there. The students filled the town with life in winter season. I did my last six months in Norwich art school it was miserable, lonely, dark and no tutors around. If I had to make the decision I would have closed Norwich down instead. Norwich art school runs on some sort of myth that its a great place. I have been to all there degree shows and have yet to see some talent. One year I saw scrunched up pieces of tin foil in the middle of the floor. I would call that a degree down the drain. Skills and techniques might be more useful to learn then concepts. Concepts come later when you have the skills and techniques. A friend of mine in Oz thought it would be great to put on a show of 40 artist from Europe they came over to Oz and had to make the work on site, she discovered none of them had skills and technique and she had to employ carpenters etc to make it happen. She said not one artist could use a hammer and decided never to bring any European artists over to Oz again, really don't blame her. Luckily I went to college where I was taught the skills.

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