Monday, 15 December 2008


In November I went to the Big Freeze art show in London and came home and wrote up my blog with photos about seeing Yoko Ono's show there. Just the other day I was browsing through pages on the computer and I came across my blog piece about the show on her site. I rubbed my eyes and thought I was imagining it. I thought how did it end up there, I looked it up and down and pressed a link that went straight back to my blog. I rang my Mother to tell her with excitement and she proceeded to go through remembering the names of Yoko's children and what they might be doing now and asking how Yoko was doing and what age she must be now. Like Yoko had been brought out into the open from being hidden away. My mother is the same age and had children the same time and an creative artist. I told her all about the light tower.
The light tower that spreads a message of love and peace and for us to use alternative energy.
Can you imagine peace? What is peace?

How I would image a world with peace would be community spirit, caring about your local environment, letting our roads become playgrounds of community activity, without cars. Music playing on the streets and art everywhere. Good organic food, well made, hand made furniture and clothes, houses to be proud of. Highly skilled craftspeople. Alternative Eco energy. Free public transport. Everybody in a job they are proud of, skill sharing, singing and laughter and dancing. Smiling talking to neighbours and strangers, helping them out, everyone is your friend.
I think I might try and paint some a picture of my interpretation of peace.
The Painting above I painted when I got back from the big Frieze, it fits in a can. I painted a whole series that fit in a tin can with lid.

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