Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Portrait of Andrew Gordon

This a painting of Andrew Gordon an Australian Surfer from Geelong area down in Victoria. Andrew use to have his own Vegetarian cafe down that way and he made great coffees to. My Godmother Jan Mitchell use to love his cake's in his cafe. His mother was also a vegetarian chef and made great vege burgers and had compiled the biggest recipe collection in the world. The food in the cafe was made from fresh organic homegrown veges. The cafe was run with his sister but as one can imagine it came to end with family tiff's over recipes. The cafe was so popular a T.V. company made a soap opera called Sea Change based on the cafe, after that 10 more cafes opened in the area, but none of them had the same idea or no how. The area is the most bizarre place's on earth they talk about the weather more then the British. I enjoyed the amazing landscape and sea views and took my blow up whale out to surf the waves.
Andrew came up to Sydney for a change and was supposed to be matched with my friend Kath but for some reason I went out with him at the time I had no interest in boys, we got it together out of loneliness. We split up after I got deported from OZ, he got a massif work injury and I got a bone disease on my scull and ear. So finance for long distance relationship was out of the question. Never heard from him since.
This painting was done in the back garden of Dulwich Hill house.
A very good friend of mine called the Fabulas Otto, who grows native Australian trees in Tilba N.S.W. just got in contact and told me he has this painting and would I like it back. I would like it back but to sell to the highest bidder, valued at Six point eight million pounds, all proceeds will go to the Fabuals Otto Native tree growing project.

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