Friday, 12 December 2008

Whitby photo

Whitby when it was a fishing town and not full of Goths searching for fictional Count Dracula. There is something dark about Whitby and it isn't the cold wind that blows in from the sea or the drizzly rain spraying the town or the fact that they use to do whaling there. Its the dark jet stone that the town sits on that apparently runs through England and comes out in Cornwall. Jet stone is fossilized trees, the black shinny branches are embedded into the cliff face. While I was there I spotted some idiot earth wreckers chipping away at the gems.
While I was at school in Dublin Malahide, we went on a trip round the corner to study the local area and low and behold in the Crescent was Bram stokers house, the writer of Count Dracula. My mother in those days was always searching for a better house something to restore. We viewed a house a few doors down from Bram's. It was in a bad way and the estate agent was trying to sell it on the merits of the murders that had happened there and the ghosts which was very off putting to any potential buyers. I was very happy with it as it would have a stepping stone from school and at the time I was into Count Dracula because my teeth are the same. Little did I know that he is actually a real person, my Auntie discovered after a holiday in foreign parts that my family is long distant related to Count Dracula. He was a bit of a cult leader and poisoned the cult members with wine. Bram stoker must have embellished upon the story and wrote made it more morbid with the circumstances of living in a street were people were murdering each other.
My friend Jeanie Finlay from Cleveland art college has made a fabulous film about the Goths that frequent Whitby called Goth Cruise, the Goths all go on a Cruise ship together to celebrate there weirdness and love of wearing making and black tight corsets. Certainly not the right attire for a hot cruise holiday.

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