Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Eloise Chocolates

This year for Christmas presents I made homemade chocolates. The box I made from a washing machine box my neighbour had delivered and scrap pieces of wood.
The box is tough enough to post although I left posting the chocolates to the last minute and people will receive them after Christmas.
I tried to find peppermint essence but shops don't sell it anymore, but I wanted to make peppermint creams. I used the same ingredients and added coffee liquor and orange liquor.
I made cappuccino chocolate's, tirimisu and coconut ice.

I found some little paper cup cake holders for the sweets in a back street local shop.
I decided not to paint the boxes with fancy designs as I am in a cooking mode and have to keep a nose out for the oven.
Norwich had a chocolate factory in the centre of the city, which employed a lot of people. The smell of chocolate from a factory is a smell you good never get annoyed about. The city was a pleasant place to live with the wafts of mouth watering chocolate.
The factory employed more people at busy times like Easter eggs. I watched over the years the sign on the factory changing hands to different company's.
My desire to run a chocolate factory has stemmed from early childhood when adults use to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up. "I want to have my own chocolate factory" There faces were full of joy then horror that my teeth may rot. My answer to that is the company would also have a false teeth factory next door.
When I was in Tasmania with my lovely friend Wendy showing me the delights of Tasmania, we went to visit the Chocolate factory on the river near Hobart. The factory floor looked like any other factory not very colourful and the shop and kids entertainment was very colourful. I saw the biggest bar of chocolate in the world which would do as a front door. There were bags of cheap rejects. I could not resist a huge bag of orange creams. Which I indulged in, as I traveled around beautiful Tasmania, looking through rose tinted sugar glasses.
When I got back to Norwich after being away for several years the Chocolate factory had closed and was being developed by yet another shopping mall.
Now the city smells of nasty chemicals from the chemical factory.

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