Monday, 8 December 2008


This is a big boy at Wells-next-to-sea in Norfolk. I have been to so many art shows and seen photos of the same boy he must be very popular. This photo was taken when I use to spend weekends with my friend James Fowler walking on the beach and picking sanphire to eat. We use to drink with the local fisherman in the evenings and hear all there story's. My friend from College James McCallum lives there too and lies on the beach with binoculars drawing the birds he is also a bird warden in the summer on a little island.
One day I was in in Well's in the summer staying at James Fowlers lovely Mum's place, it was a hot day and everyone in the entire village was at a fair day, which had a loud speaker with someone piping on about stuff all day. I was looking out of the back kitchen window and spotted smoke coming from the sea defence woods across the fields. I rang the fire brigade and they went to put it out. Apparently it was a fire that had travelled underground burning roots of the trees. Started from the ashes of a camp fire that was made the night before. I became a local hero for a week having saved the town from the big seas. If your a camper remember to put your fire out properly you may not be alive in the morning to put it out. Forest school camp motto is make sure you make the place look like you have never even been there, also a an Australian Aboriginal policy, wish it was a civilized worlds policy.

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